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Club Chair


I have played netball for most of my life and joined the club in 2013. After coming back from uni and testing out a couple of the other clubs in the area, Fincs was easily the best fit for me! I’ve had a couple of sabbaticals over the years, with moving house and going travelling but have been back for a few seasons now, with no intentions to go anywhere anytime soon (which is kinda lucky, as I am Chair).


Club Captain


I have played netball since I was 7 (starting out at centre lol!), but soon found my love for defence when going to secondary school. I have been at Fincs for 10 years now. Having moved to London,  I knew I needed to find a netball club. After coming along for training, I have never left, and Fincs has become part of my London life! I love to play, but not only because of the game but the friends you make and all the laughs you have along the way. Being part of Fincs has been my London family and I wouldn’t want to swap my blue dress for any other! .


Club Secretary


I truly began playing netball when I started university. I played in centre as I was a crazy gym freak. I was super fit, with bundles of energy running up and down the court. I joined Old Fincs after graduating as I was looking for a fun and friendly club. It was just my luck to injure myself, on court, during my first ever game and to be out for 6 weeks. To help with my injury sadly I gave up playing centre, but fell in love with my new position, the unsung hero that is WD. I’m so glad I found such a great club on my first go – here’s to my third season!


Registrations Secretary


My love for netball started young and became one of the most important consistent things in my life throughout uni; which left me a bit lost when moving to London as a new grad. Fincs was the first club I found and I went along for a taster session and haven’t looked back (they gave me some training balls to look after as the session had been at a temporary venue, so they must have trusted I’d be back!). Within one season I had met so many people who are some of my closest friends, got involved with coaching Young Fincs and got to play in the prem league with the As. It really is a club about building friendships and enjoying some competitive Saturday morning netball, in all kinds of weather.




I had played netball all through school but only really rediscovered it when I turned 40. Having played for a few years, I joined Old Fincs in 2012. I love training, playing on a Saturday, and cheering on our other teams from the side lines. It really is my escape. I umpire too, help with Young Fincs and I am currently the treasurer of the club. Old Fincs are social and welcoming and I wouldn’t play netball anywhere else.


Assistant Secretary/Kit


I joined Fincs in 2014 after my love for the game was reignited at ‘back to netball’. I began my journey in the fabulous D Team, where I was nurtured and encouraged by so many experienced players, I then went on to Captain the C Team to promotion and I have now played in the B Team for the last three seasons. I have been involved with coaching Young Fincs and been a social secretary. Fincs is an amazing netball club, full of opportunity. We’re a big family, who love to welcome new players. I feel very lucky to be part of such a fun and competitive netball club.

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